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Tuning IV

This music doesn't exist on paper. 
It's a music of relationships, between the sign on the paper and your "reading aloud". 
We can call this a music to be read aloud. 

The first relationship is that each note needs another note for this music to develop.
The two notes can imitate each other, or they can correspond...
Take a note*, play it continuously.
Walk with it gently
While the first note is playing, play another note with a shorter duration and repeat it
The second note should be 
Close to the first one 
Not too far away 

*Note here could be a tone or a sound. 

The second relationship is the one of space. 
One note is continuous even if there are variations, it is stable. The second note punctuates it. 
It plays with the first note.
And listens to it. 
It listens to it with its punctuation. 

The third relationship is the one of time. 
When to play ?
When to insert the punctuation ? 
How long are the pauses ?
Do you play slower or longer than the time indicated ?